Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sunday Stitch School Lesson 47: Two-sided Insertion Stitch

Welcome to the last Sunday Stitch School lesson of the year. There is homework on Friday, but after that we'll take a break of two weeks over the winter holiday.

What stitch would be better to celebrate December with than one that is shaped like a star?

Stitch #47 is called Two-sided Insertion Stitch and was found in Reader's Digest's Complete Book of Embroidery. Why it is not called Star Stitch I do not know!
In Dutch it is called: Tweezijdige Steek. Thank you, Annet.

To work it you need some dots to lead your way:

On paper the design looks like this. If you are working on plain cloth, mark the pattern with a pen.

Making a template like this by piercing holes in a sheet of plastic is a good idea if you want to make a long line of even stitches. You can then easily poke the tip of a pencil through the holes and mark the pattern on any fabric.

Or work it on Aida or even weave, then you can count and find the right holes without problems, see my Aida sampler:

The reason it is called Two-sided Insertion Stitch is that it makes a very neat pattern on the back.

Stitch it in this order:

A›B›C›D›C›E›B›F›D›E›D›G  (placed on the same level as D but to the right) ›F, and so on....
Follow these pictures:

A›B›C›D›C›E›B›F›D›E›D›G›F, and so on....

If you need a rhythm, look how the needle is facing: Towards you, away, away, away, towards you and then start over with Towards you.... Confusing?

On my SSS Reference chart:

These Corded Coral stitches would like a sprinkling of stars, and maybe a band of stars, too.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 46: Corded Coral Stitch

Coral Stitch is easy, and so is this corded version.

With the Corded Coral Stitch you can really play around with unusual or difficult threads, braids or yarn as the base thread.
On a narrow braid or thin thread the Coral couching is not so obvious, but on a wide ribbon, like the yellow one in the picture, there is a funny 'trussed-up-ham' look.

On my Aida sampler I got very even stitches but they could be mistaken for Buttonhole Couching.

 Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

WIPW - Mushroom

For Work In Progress Wednesday on my

I added a mushroom in the blank area (bottom left). There is more work to do in that corner as the mushroom is not very colourful.

Mola - Snippets of Interest
For some Mola eye candy, have a look at Fumiko Nakayama's blog.
Anyone visiting the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2018 in Tokyo Dome, 25th -31st January, can see Ms Nakayama's entire collection in a special exhibition.
Read more about the rest of the show here.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Sunday Stitch School: Lesson 46 - Corded Coral Stitch

Although we are approaching Winter vacations, Christmas and New Year, here at Sunday Stitch School we will continue studying and add a few more stitches before the end of the year.

Stitch #46 is the corded version of a TAST stitch,   Coral Stitch
and it is, of course, called: Corded Coral Stitch. 'Korallstygn med läggsöm' ought to be an appropriate  name in Swedish.

Work it like this:
 Place a thread, or in this case a braid, on the fabric. Keep the tension tight.
Let the working thread come up, on or at least near, the base thread.

 Take a bite of the fabric, place the working thread on top and then under the needle.

Pull through and you have your first little knot.
Go on in the same way.

This is what it looks like when the corded thread is the same type as the working thread.

Work the Aida sampler.
Try out the stitch with various threads.