Friday, 24 March 2017

Friday Revision Homework - Stitches 11 - 15

The set homework for revision of the Sunday Stitch School's stitches 11-15 was to use them on a Sunbonnet Sue design.

Once upon a time Sue was a baby girl and it was the hood of her pram that was the Bonnet that kept her face out of the Sun.

11 - Knotted Satin Stitch was used for the quilt and the ties on the kite string.
12 - Lace Stitches make up the hood of the pram.
13 - Mountmellick Stitch was used for a lace edge along the hood and the top of the carriage, as well as the frill on Sue's sleeves.
14 - Norwich Stitch in variegated floss was used for the kite.
15 - Open Chain Stitch in pink for the carriage, and bundled in the blue tyres.

For the kite string and sleeves I used Stem Stitch.
Straight Stitch was used for the hands, the outline of the quilt blocks and the spokes of the tyres.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

TAST Interview

Sharon B of Pintangle is running a series of interviews with TAST followers. This is a fantastic way to read more about how fellow followers take to 'needle 'n thread', what makes them 'tick' and learn from their wisdom.

I would like to thank Sharon for helping us to learn from each other and share our joy of needlework.

Today my interview was posted. Read it here.

Previous interviews:
Annet of FatQuarter.
Renee of Hand Stitched Treasures
Angela of Princess Bubbles Creates
Maureen of CrazyQstitcher

The cherries are beginning to open their buds and I have hung up my seasonal crazy quilt.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WIPW - 9,234

Work In Progress Wednesday can this week report on real progress.

Trinity Green

It has been a productive week; I made 18 new paper strips of 486 triangles.

This means that I have completed the first step in making this green bed size quilt - I added the very last triangle!

The final total came to 9.234 triangles.

Next on the menu is stitching strips of thin green 'sashing' between the rows of triangles and then ripping out the paper until I have a flimsy.

The upcoming week will be very 'green',

but around me in Tokyo it is very 'pink'.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

TAST 143 - Fancy Herringbone Stitch

TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, and how to Take A Stitch on a Tuesday is taught by Sharon B over at Pintangle.

Click here for the tutorial of Fancy Herringbone Stitch, which I will add as number 143 in my collection.

TAST 143 Fancy Herringbone Stitch is made up of three parts, a base of Herringbone Stitches (pink) is held held down with small Upright Cross Stitches (red) and then laced in a fancy way (light blue ).

It wasn't difficult, but with all laced stitches, tension is tricky, and my result looks sloppy.

I also worked a set of stitches on my TAST Reference Chart. Later I will add the label with number and name.
Here the tension is a bit better, so there is hope for further improvement in the future! I hope!